Hunger Game - Taipei Nightmarket Tour

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Join our night market tour in Taipei's oldest district, where we'll guide you to the most popular Michelin-rated street food place and let you sample a variety of iconic Taiwanese dishes. Along the way, you'll uncover the hidden stories behind these mouthwatering delicacies and experience the authentic and delicious flavors of Taiwan. But that's not all - we'll also take you to a classic Taiwanese convenience store to explore the secrets of local brands and discover why Taiwanese people can't live without them.


Hunger Game


7:30 PM

Longshan Temple MRT Station Exit No.1 Google Map

Free Convenience Stores Tour Included!

8 dishes included!

2 hours


Tour includes:

Oyster Omelette (蚵仔煎)

Braised Pork Rice (滷肉飯)

Stinky Tofu (臭豆腐)

Tea Egg (茶葉蛋)

Fried Milkfish (炸旗魚)

Grass Jelly (仙草)

Pork Blood Cake (豬血糕)

Fried Sweet Potato Balls (地瓜球)

But that's just the beginning! You can also choose to try other delectable foods: (samples not included)

Snake Meat (蛇肉)

Taiwanese Sausage (台灣香腸)

Xiaolongbao (小籠包)

Gua Bao (刈包)

Duck Blood (鴨血)

Stir Fry Dishes (熱炒)

Iced Sweet Balls (涼圓)

Taro Balls (芋園)

Ice Cream Roll with Peanut Powders (花生捲冰淇淋)

Aiyu Jelly (愛玉)

* Please be advised that the dishes may contain allergens like pork, peanuts, and other common allergens. If you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions, kindly inform our staff at the start of the tour.


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"we truly loved the Hunger Games because it got us out of our comfort zone with food and allowed us to try things we never tried before, including stinky tofu! All the guides were caring and engaged."


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"We visited a smaller local market which wasn’t crowded with tourists and felt very authentic. She chose a lot of delicious food for us which I wouldn’t have been able to order myself and made sure we all left feeling full and satisfied."


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"A wild adventure of the senses.
This tour offers a great opportunity to indulge in all the famous Taiwanese dishes (traditional and modern) with the expertise of a local. The other cool thing is this night market is not geared towards tourists AT ALL. I did not see a single other foreigner there, definitely made the experience more authentic."

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