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Want to join the walking tours but can't make it to the schedule? Sign up for a TMA Private Tour! It's an exclusive experience accompanied by one of the best tour guides from TourMeAway.
You decide when to start and finish the tour and we will be there for you. We will go deeper with the content, discover more hidden places and answer all the questions in your mind.
TMA private tours will be quoted according to the group size and duration. Please fill in the form below and we will get back to you in 24 hours. After finishing the form, you will receive the quotation and the itinerary via email. Please REPLY to the email to confirm your booking.

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Private Tour Request

Now let's talk about the tour!
All the tour provided by TMA are walking tours. Vehicles are not included. If the itinerary requires moving from one starting point to another, we will take the Taipei Metro.
Along the tour we will recommend some places for food, snacks and drinks. Food expenses will not be included in the quotation.

How many people are there in the group?

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Kids or elders in your group? If so, how many?

When do you plan to take the private tour?

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When to start?

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Which side of Taipei are you interested in?(Choose up to 2 tours)

Old Town Taipei (History and "Ximending")
LongShan Temple (Culture, folk religion and traditions)
Taipei Chill Out (Lifestyle, food and "CKS Memorial Hall")
Vintage Taipei (Architecture and "DaDaoCheng" area)
Hunger Game (Night market, local food and street snacks)
Pub Crawl (Bar hopping; Shot, shot, shot...)

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