Taipei's Origin & Longshan Temple - Taiwan Cultural Free Walking Tour

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Uncover the essence of Taiwanese culture at Taipei's ancient Longshan Temple, a 300-year-old treasure nestled in the heart of the city's oldest district. Dive deep into the beginning of Taipei, the true Taiwanese way of life, the captivating tales of our folk gods, and their role in shaping the lives of Taiwanese believers.

Dive into the rich fabric of Taiwanese culture and history. Discover how our ancestors thrived in Taiwan and how they treated illnesses without doctors. Looking for a bit of extra luck? Longshan Temple, filled with colorful dragons, is home to over 100 folk gods who oversee everything from the sea to battles. Share your wishes with gods like Wenchang Dijun, known for helping with learning, and the Old Man Under the Moon, who brings couples together. Our guide will show you how to throw 'moonstones' and interpret messages from the heavens. Get your fortune read and learn about the temple's long history and the traditions of Buddhism and Taoism that have made it a beloved place for centuries.

Join us for an unforgettable journey as we discover the authentic spirit of Taiwan.
Major Stops:

Mengxia Park
Bopiliao Historical Block
Herbal Alley
Longshan Temple


Length: 2 - 2.5 hours

Meeting Point: Longshan Temple MRT Station Exit No.1 See Google Map

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"I've attended quite a few walking tours and always love how much I learn about a city from them. Having recently attending the Longshan Temple and nearby area tour with Jenny Hsieh, I really enjoyed experiencing the history of Bangka, the skin peeling street, herbal alley, and the Longshan Temple itself. I came out of the tour with a much better understanding of how Taipei was founded and the religion behind not just Longshan but all the temples in Taipei. Thanks for a great tour!"

Rob F - 2023 April

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"The tour was great! Easily one of the best walking tours that I’ve been (if not the best). I feel I’ve learnt a lot from it. Our guide James was very knowledgeable, has good humor and it was enjoyable to listen to him. He was friendly, and willing to answer whatever questions we had. The tour was well-organised, fun and informative. I look forward to joining another tour that is hosted by them again!"

Oi Y - 2023 Mar

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"April and Josh were informative, humorous, and helpful. April gave me a far better grasp of Taoist and Confuciuian belief, which was one of my desires for the tour. They both could answer any question I had, even why trash cans are so rare in Taiwan. I was happy with the tour and would recommend it to others."

Jack Spat - 2023 Feb

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"The tour with Ale and Leo was just fantastic. Both of them are very knowledgeable about the city and the Taiwan in general - we highly recommend it!!
We especially loved how enthusiastic they are for the city they live in, making us even more excited to spend some time here and explore the city.
Ale and Leo, we could very easily tell that you love doing what you're doing! You made this tour very special for us - thank you so much again!!"

Rob F - 2023 April

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"A very informative tour of the localized/non-urbanized part of Taipei. Charles and Juno were very accommodating and great at making the history of The temple area into funny and engaging stories. Would recommend 10/10."

Jean Mika - 2023 March

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