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Need a little extra luck in your life? Virtually visit Taipei's Longshan Temple, which houses over 100 folk gods that preside over everything from the sea to war. This colorful temple adorned with ornate dragons was originally constructed in 1738. Ask for favors from deities like Wenchang Dijun, the god of literature (who is reputed to help you study) and the Old Man Under the Moon (who pairs lovers together), and your guide will throw "moon stones" on your behalf and help you interpret messages from these heavenly beings. Have your fortune read and learn about this bustling temple and the Buddhist/Taoist religious traditions that have made Longshan a divine destination for centuries.
So let's go for a private virtual advanture in the temple!
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"James is very knowledgeable and fun to walk with. Learned a lot in history and culture, as well as got great fortune read. Rooted in same culture origin it was a nice chance to look at temples and streets and even people that became challenging to see in person under this circumstance. James was patient and always asking what I want, being very interactive, finding best angles and reminding me to take pictures that I always forget. "

- 2020 Aug.

"Very knowledgeable. Very humorous. Very patient. Answered all of my questions. Was respectful of others at the temple. Let me know when it was and wasn't appropriate for him to speak. I literally cannot wait to do this again!!! "

- 2020 July

"I have taken tours all over the world and Yuann is one of the best tour guides/hosts I have ever had the pleasure to experience. Her knowledge was excellent, she was very responsive to all requests and questions and I thought she dealt 4 with the technology. I was especially impressed at how well she managed the camera + umbrella combo that was necessary due to the heavy rain. This was a truly delightful experience thanks to her cheerful attitude and professional excellence."

- 2020 Aug.

"Andy was extremely knowledgable about the information he was delivering and I loved his ability to pause and very clearly articulate the history about the temple and the culture in the country. Super informative and easy to follow!

- 2020 Sep.

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