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Here at TourMeAway we dedicate ourselves to provide high quality English Walking Tours for international travelers visiting Taipei. We designed 5 major city tours that cover a wide range of topics from history, culture, lifestyle, culinary, to nightlife, all at one of the most exciting cities in Asia! With over 50 well-trained local tour guides in rotations, we make sure that visitors leave with the ultimate Taiwan experience.

The tours include:
The most classic historical route - Old Town Taipei Tour to walk you through the lovely story of Taipei. Temple Tour - take you into the ancient Longshan Temple and teach you how to worship like a local. If you’re tired of the touristic spots, come to Chill Out Tour with us in the most chilling area in Taipei. If you’re hungry, go for a Hunger Game to try all the unique and delicious Taiwanese street foods in the night market. And for a great night, join our most popular Pub Crawl to experience the ultimate night life in Taipei! Last but not least, join our latest Vintage Tour down to the memory lane of Vintage Taipei!

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