Intro to Taiwanese History | Taiwanese History Blog

Written by Donna Wang

Taiwan is more than just "small China". We are a little bit of everything! Here’s a short rundown of the different culture that had came and stayed in the past.
This island may seem small, but it's actually bigger than you think. The aboriginal tribes who were the first inhabitants of the land honored natural spirits with their beautiful voice and totems. Then, the European sailors began to put the island on the map during the "Age of Discovery". Taiwan used to be known as "Ilha Formosa" at that time, which means "a beautiful island"

The first wave of Chinese immigrants were mostly from the provinces by the coastline. They risked their lives crossing the strait in pursuit of a better future. They introduced the dialect, the folk religion and the way of living that have made lasting influence. The second wave of Chinese immigrants came with the Chinese National Party after war. Since then the Chinese tradition has been well-preserved in Taiwan.
Besides the aboriginals and the Chinese, the Japanese and the Americans used to hang around in the island as well. Due to its location, Taiwan had been an important military base during wartime. During Japanese colonization and U.S. aid, they brought to this land their own values and has in turn made Taiwan's culture rich and distinctive. And in recent years we have continue to be a country of diversity by embracing large amount of immigrants from South East Asia.
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